Thursday, September 14, 2006

A Question of Question Marks

John Stewart on the Daily show was brilliant with his attack on Fox News' use of the question mark. He did a great job of ridiculing CNN's efforts but destroying Fox's - here's the video, it speaks for itself

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Freedom From Information

How fucked is the system that allows a Senate Report to be classified by the White House but then lets the Vice President lie about whatever he wants to on National Television.

Case in Point:

Cheney, on Meet The Press, said that the meeting between an Iraqi Official and Mohammed Atta in Prague may indeed have taken place - thus proving that Saddam was indeed linked to 9/11. Of course this is all BULLSHIT - a Bi-Partisan Senate Committee tabled a report last week totally debunking that lie - THERE WAS NO MEETING IN PRAGUE.

Trouble is that the Whitehouse chose to Classify the couple of pages that finding was on thus allowing Cheney to spread his bullshit around.

How do I know? well thankfully Harry Reid Democratic Senator for Nevada wrote to Bill Frist Majority Leader asking why the Whitehouse could get away with it - it's a great letter and can be found here

Just another example of the Orwellian nature of the Bush-Cheney Junta - They don't like an inconvenient Fact so they classify it and then sprout their own line anyway - knowing that they are telling lies - Cheney KNOWS that there was no meeting in Prague and yet continued to make people think that maybe there was a meeting.

It's bullshit and he knows it's bullshit.

And to think Clinton got into trouble over a blow-job.

What will it take, one wonders, to bring Bush and Cheney down, given what they have done and gotten away with so far.

They are Criminals and should be tried and then locked up for their crimes against the people.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

America the Pathetic

The war drags on, on any number of fronts. There is in fact, at least half a dozen wars the US is fighting and only some of those is it winning.

There's the 'War on Terror' which is manifestly being lost all across the park. We are not safer, there are more terror incidents each and every year and we are being scared shitless by our elected leaders telling us we should be scared shitless and with every right and freedom that is being taken away the Terrorists are Winning. Anybody who fails to see that is a complete and utter fucking moron.

The second war being fought, much more successfully, is the 'War on the Ordinary Citizen' - that's the war that is playing into the hands of the terrorists and it involves those rights and freedoms we used to have and that previous generations of veterans fought and died for. The freedom to associate for example, the freedom of speech, the freedom to question, the freedom from tyranny and illegal searches and phone tapping, the freedom from being locked up without trial or evidence or logic. The US government and its spineless allies like Australia and Britain are winning this war quite comfortably - that is not a good thing.

Don't forget War #3 - 'The War in Iraq' - how's that going by the way? Like War #1 we are pretty much having our arses handed to us on a daily plate. I mean, it's just pathetic - you blunder into an ancient land with thousands of years of history and culture (whatever the current fucker might be doing to it) and just blaze away with absolutely no regard for anything. No wonder they fought back - Jesus - what did you expect. I hate my government too but anyone who came in and tried to take it away and set up their own in it's place would get a fucking fight from me. But hey - I saw Bush in front of a sign that said "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" so maybe I'm wrong and the war in Iraq is not being lost.

The War on Truth - we seem to be losing that one as well. The Right and their spin doctors define and redefine the language so that black is white, night is day and the 'Mission' has been 'Accomplished'. Who gives a fuck about the facts when there are lefties to demonise - fuck the terrorists, fuck the truly evil fuckers who want us dead - let's go after the Left who believe in compassion and equality and, wait for it, wait for it, that evil, evil, terrible concept, Civil Liberties. The Fox news channel and fuckers like Bill O'Reilly and Anne Coulter and Rush Limbaugh who spew vile shit at the left could care less about the terrorists - they don't want them caught and bought to justice, they're too busy having a go at Al Franken or Keith Olbermann or Bill Clinton.

The War on Decency - the government is winning that one and again the people are losing it. The government is not decent, it is obscene. It takes from ordinary working class families and gives to the rich and the corporations. Every tax cut for the high end of town cuts services to ordinary families. Every break given to a multinational corporation already making record profits takes away another book from a small town library or a food program in the inner city. (War profiteering will be another post - soon) but a government that gives out corporate welfare to profiteering fucks who are already making billions while people live on the streets and can't even feed themselves - then that's just obscene - it's a disgrace and there needs to be a time of reckoning for these fuckers and soon.

they're fucked - Bush is a criminal, Cheney is a criminal, Karl Rove is just an evil fuck who deserves to be strangled in his sleep - and quite frankly I wouldn't even piss on Ann Coulter if she was on fire.

America the Pathetic - how the mighty have fallen - and it's Bush that has dragged you down.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Another Olbermann Gem

This is another olbermann Gem of a rant against Bush, possibly his most effective yet.

Bush is not just a war criminal, he's just a criminal plain and simple and there needs to be more people in this wiorld that is willing to stand up and say - no more bullshit you grubby little fucker - it's time to pay for what you've done.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Olbermann's Rummy Blast

One of the great sprays of all time